Why Micromax Re-Brands Smartphones?

Yes! almost all the phones launched by Micromax are rebranded, and the worst part is that they have been doing so for many years bringing in lower quality products and ripping the customers off. There are many possible reasons for why Micromax does this. Some of the companies abandon their earlier versions and sometimes they try to get that product in India with a re-branded thing and like thus, some of the Indian companies like Micromax take advantage of that and re-launch it just putting in a new software within and at last they call it as “Made in India”. Now the subsidiary brand YU smartphones have also done the same thing that Micromax does.

I don’t know why they keep saying innovation and bring in an copied phone with the same exact features. And some media encourage it simply like that without doing a background check as well. Things need to change, Micromax should stop this now, it’s just exceeding the limit. This just simply means they don’t have their own mind to think. And we Indians just encourage it thinking it’s an Indian company without any information.

List of rebranded Micromax Smartphones

  • Micromax canvas Nitro – Coolpad F1
  • Micromax Canvas 4 – Blu Life One
  • Micromax canvas Sliver 5 – Wiko Highway Pure
  • Micromax Canvas Knight – Wiko Highway
  • Micromax Dual 5 – Qiku 360 Q5
  • Micromax Canvas Turbo – Wiko Darkfull
  • Micromax Canvas 6 – Shallots Metal
  • Yu Yureka – Coolpad F2 4G
  • Yu Yunicorn – Meizu M3 Note

There’s no doubt that Micromax doesn’t invest much in R&D (Research & Development) just to gain more profits on the device. Let me tell you, I own a YU device and I completely feel like it’s one of those worst phones I have ever had. It’s the best example how the company doesn’t do any research and development. So just think of that is buying a device at a huge cost without R&D is worth your hard earned pennies.

Android Junglee Team

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