Which File Converter Tools can Convert Your Folders & Files Free Online?

In the middle of so many reliable and best online tool converters, it becomes so much difficult for the students or professionals to pick the superior one. So help you a bit and make your task easy to perform, here we have listed down a few famous and top recommended online file converter free tools. Check out below:

1. Free online OCR

Free Online OCR is a sort of software that will help you to convert all your scanned documents, images, faxes or screenshots in the file format of RTF, DOC, PDF or TXT format.  It can also convert precise images into text conversion. You don’t need to worry about the formatting and layout, because this tool won’t change it at all. 

Few major file formats which this tool supports are GIF, JPEG, BMP, PDF, GIF or PNG as the input. Also, it supports, PDF, RTF, TXT or DOC.  There are a few more basic features/functions which you can perform with this online converter tool such as atomically rotating pages, supporting images in low resolution and keeping the image layering of scanned PDF. It performs the whole working online and you don’t need to acquire any sort of installation.  It keeps your data/files secure and confidential.

2. OnlineConvertFree

Different types of reliable file converter tools are available for educational and business use, among which we have the trust-worthy name of Online Convert Free. This converter tool is excellent for helping you to easily convert various file formats in the required file format such as pictures, videos, compressed files, or documents.  As you will exploring this tool from inside, you will view that it is offering 100 different formats of the file to choose from.

It is free to use and you don’t need to create any sort of email address to convert your file. You just need to upload it and the rest of the function will be performed by this online tool converter.  Different forms of file formats which are available here are:

  • 7Z to ZIP
  • WMA to MP3
  • RAR to ZIP 
  • AIFF to MP3 
  • M4A to MP3 
  • WAV to MP3 
  • MP3 to OGG 
  • M4A to WAV 


DocsPal is a famous web-based application that can easily convert your folder and files online. It is a completely free tool to use for your documents, images, audio, videos or archives.  If you are uploading an image, e-book or document, then its file size has to be around 50MB. For audio or video files, the size needs to be around 200 MB.

You can upload at least 5 files at one time for a smooth and easy conversion process.  As soon as you upload the file for conversion, you will be receiving a download link which will be displayed at the ending process of conversion.  You will be receiving that link in your email address.  This tool is a free converter and does not charge you a single penny for file conversion.

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