Top 5 Android Trendy Apps of 2019

You can find about 2 million applications on Google Play. This number will be enough for everyone who buys smartphones on Android in search of high-quality third-party solutions.  There are top 5 Android trendy apps of 2019, which will help you solve some important issues and not waste time on unnecessary things.  Modern applications are designed for simplifying your life and making it better.

  1. LastPass

LastPass is a password manager, which allows you to securely store user’s login information. In addition, it can help create an incredibly complicated password for use in accounts. All management is built on the main password, which supports the cross-platform, so it can be used on PC, tablets, smartphones, or any other devices, which work on Android. There are other similar managers, but LastPass stays almost always ahead of the curve. You can buy the premium upgrade quite inexpensively and get LastPassAuthenticator for additional security

2 PocketCasts

Podcast fans probably know about this application because they always search for a relatively easy solution, and PocketCasts meets the strictest requirements. This incredibly stable and beautiful application allows you to download or transfer different podcasts. PocketCasts includes support of both audio and video podcasts, so you can easily make up for lost time with this application. It has a login feature that allows you to synchronize podcasts between devices, providing a good recommendation. This is the podcast app that experts recommend downloading, and it’s one of the greatest for Android.

3 Badoo

This is one of the largest online dating networks on the globe, where each new user points out the aim of their registration, and it doesn’t matter whether it is just about casual dating or a desire to start a committed relationship. It’s possible to find out who of the users is somehow nearby, and with whom you can meet “by chance” in the city.

Badoo has a rather user-friendly interface, video chat function on demand, and a unique twin search mode, which allows you to look for people like you, or, on the contrary, like those who you are interested in. For example, your adorable singer or YouTube blogger.  If you are looking alternative dating site, check out yourbrides whereyou can find single girls with ease.

4 Tasker

Tasker is a great app, but it may take patience to find out how it works. It gives you an opportunity to create necessary custom commands to apply them later in different places. There are many applications work with Tasker, and you can use it even to create multi-functional commands for NFC tags. In fact, it’s not an easy task to quickly explain how this application works, and what it can do since Tasker has a lot of possibilities. Among the supported applications, plug-ins, which the user adds, and the huge volume of available functions, there are not many applications that are as useful as this one. Time management doesn’t work without applications like that.

5 SolidExplorer

Every user is browsing files on a constant basis. To do that more easily, it is recommended to use the SolidExplorer file browser. It has an interesting design, archivation function, maintenance of the most common cloud services, and even some more powerful custom elements, such as support for FTP, SFPT, WebDAV, and SMB/ CIFS. SolidExplorer has an attractive design, it is stable, and works perfectly. You can get a two-week free evaluation, but at the end of this period, you will have to pay $1.99 for it, but it’s worth it. This is one of the applications, which everyone should have on the device, especially if your work implies constant browsing and using different services.

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