Samsung Folding Phone Luanching Soon!

We all are seeing rumors of folding phones since 2011, but now it looks like we are soon going to see the world’s first foldable smartphone soon. Samsung is paying to host an event on 7th November and 8th November. But just before the launch event Samsung has changed their profile pic on all of thier social merida accimts which hits towards the luanch of world’s first foldable phone.

If we believe to the rumors the Samsung’s foldable phone could have the 4-inch phone which unfolds and become the 7-inch tablet. Samsung has already developed the flexible OLED screen which is gonna be used in the foldable phone.

We still don’t know the exacts specification but if Samsung going announce the phone then probably it will hit the market next year and will be limited to only a few countries. This is going to be the next innovation in the smartphone world, if that so then we can expect a higher price tag. Some reports also suggest that Samsung is planning to ship the  500,000 to 1 million units of the device per year.

We advise you wait for till 8th November then we will have all the information about this futuristic phone.

M A Utsav
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