Huge Discount from BLUBOO on 11.11 Shopping Carnival

BLUBOO is going to have an online shopping carnival on 11th November for customers all over the world. BLUBOO is going to provide the best deals on all of their phones. With the global launch of BLUBOO S8+, they are going to provide a series of huge discount and gifts.

The BLUBOO S8+ is going to launch at a price of $179.99 but during the presale period of 11/11 to 25/11, the  S8+ will be available for only $159.99 along with gifts worth $30 which includes crash proof case, screen protector, two USB type-c adapters and two USB cables. And the first 1111 buyers of BLUBOO S8+ will get additional $10 discount which makes the total cost only $149.99.

Both the BLUBOO phones S8 and S1 are also going to get a discount in shopping carnival. 1111 pcs of BLUBOO S8 will be sold at the price of $129.99 during 11/11 to 13/11 and 1111 pcs of BLUBOO S1 will be sold at the price of $149.99. Both the smartphones are getting discount up to $50.

During this sale from 11th Nov. to 13th Nov., all the BLUBOO devices will get discounts, vary from 20% to 40%. The 6.0-inch smartphone May Max will be available for $125, the 5.5-inch Maya smartphone will be available for $69.99, sharp-capturer Dual will be available for $89.99, well-curved Edge will be available for $96.66, Picasso 4G will be available for $76.99 and D1 will be available for $69.99.

BLUBOO is also a planning an official giveaway of BLUBOO S8+ on Facebook. If you want to purchase any device in this discount carnival then you can visit the link here.


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