How To Recover your Deleted Data

Accidents do happen and it would be even scarier when you anecdotally deleted an important file which could be your old photo, a special video, an important document or some classified file of your business. You tried everything but can’t recover the file. Well, we are here to help you and to teach you how can you recover the deleted file.

So, first of all, you have to STOP using that Computer so that it may not get overwritten. Then you need to head over to the EaseUS Data Recovery Website. Just download the software and install it on your PC.

Then you just need to fire up the software and select the disk from which you have deleted your file. Then click scan so that the software will go through the disk and search for all the lost and existing files.

After the complete scan, you just have to locate the lost data and hit the recover button to retrieve the file back to your computer. If that doesn’t help you then you can also select the deep scan option which will give you a better result but it takes more time to scan your computer.

The software is very is easy to use in a single click you can recover the files you have deleted. Not only that you can also recover those files which you have removed from the recycle bins. The software can also be used to recover data from pen drives, external hard drives, and even a memory card.

In order to recover data from the other media, you just have to plug them into the computer and select the drive in the software screen. But one thing to note that you don’t have to overwrite the memory card or pen drive because if you do then you may be lost some of your data.

If you accidentally delete a file then you should give a shot to the EaseUS Data Recovery software. It is an easy to use single click solution to recover your files. And you can even try the deep scanning feature which helps you to dig more and recover those files which you can’t recover from other freeware tools.

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