Google skips Pixel 2 XL (Muskie) in place of new larger Phone

Based on reports in March Google’s next Gen pixel phone codenamed as walleye and muskie. But now new reports from Android Police confirms that second-generation Pixel XL codenamed as muskie is not coming this year.

But wait, that doesn’t mean there won’t be a new Pixel XL – just that it’s not going to be the Muskie. This new rumored phone is likely to be the successor of first gen Google Pixel XL launched in 2017. And this new device has been codenamed as “taimen”. Taimen is actually going to be the 2nd-generation Pixel XL successor of original Pixel XL and that muskie was shelved for an unspecified reason in favor of the larger taimen.

This means Google will release 2 new phones this year one is codenamed as “walleye” and this will be the successor of Google Pixel. And the other one is codenamed as “taimen” successor of Google Pixel XL. One device has a smaller display and the other one will have a bigger display like phablets Samsung Galaxy S8+.

Google is currently planning to release two Pixel smartphones this year, codenamed as “taimen” and “walleye”. As of now, we don’t know much but as we learn it, we’ll let you know.

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