Retrica App Review : Best Camera App for Android

Retrica App is one of the best camera android app which is available for free of cost on playstore. The app has completed over 100 million downloads on playstore.Stock Android camera app doesn’t have many rich features to capture desired pictures like we can do with Retrica. The app has a simple UI which has some cool customization options.

Basically the app adds colors while capturing pictures which gives the best output of the image. In most of the latest Android versions we have only basic options in the built in camera App. We usually find options like Filters, Tap to focus, Filters, Paranoma and some basic option. But we need little more customization to get best out of the camera. Retrica App has different kind of filters which adds unique colors which capturing pictures. Lets look at some filters available in this app.


Hudson: Filters the screen to dark blue around the Focus location

Inkwell: Has blackish Shades around the focus location

Black and white: Turns the screen into black and white

Grey: Adds grey color

Saturn: Reflects darkish orange

Deep Green: Turns the screen into deep green

Others filters include Infrared, Golden, 70’s, 80’s, stella, grizzled, toaster, frontpage, purple and many more.

Retrica app has some pretty cool featues like Gea Tag, Watermark and Logo. There are 13 types of logos available in this app. The app developers will continue to roll out updates with new features. It has different kind of blocks like 2*2.1*1,2*4,4*2,4*4,1*4,4*1. The latest version when this review is made is 2.3, so basically the review is based on 2.3 version.


The app can be downloded for free on playstore. If you dont want see adds you can opt for pro version which costs 6$ (Rs 368.49) which has 28 more filters. You should definitely try this app once and do comment below with your experience with Retrica.

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