5 Android Apps you can’t miss this week

Have you ever thought what you would have done had smart-phone apps not been there to make your life easier? Imagine hailing a cab for work without Uber – running after taxis on the road, or just recall the time at the new place you moved to when there was no Zomato but there were late night hunger pangs. Smartphones and apps have made such tremendous impact on our lives that even the thought of their absence is enough to give us jitters.

These days, there’s hardly anyone without a smartphone and an army of apps in it to face the daily war of survival in the fast-paced globalized world. Ranging from simple alarm related apps to quirkier ones that let you mark your territory by recording places where you have used the loo (humans are animals after all!), they come in various shapes and sizes. As an android user, most of us are spoilt for choice with the gazillions of apps waiting to be downloaded. But apart from the basic need-based ones, how do you plan to choose which ones to download and which to skip?

Just like the apps, to make your life easier, we give you a small list of latest apps that you just cannot afford to miss out on. Go ahead, read and get down to downloading them asap!

Android Apps you can’t miss this week


Are you planning to get rid of your cable connection but lack the self-control to stop following your favorite TV series? Do you want to make the best use of the time you spend staring at strangers in the train while commuting to work? ShowBox is an app that helps you out in such situations and that too with panache. It lets you stream your favorite TV shows and blockbusters anytime, anywhere.

Forget to worry about subscriptions and logins, ShowBox lets you be an ardent fan of TV shows and movies without any charges. HD quality videos, marking your favorite videos, downloading for later viewing, searching from among categories and genres – you name it and ShowBox has that feature. Best of all, you can screen your movies and shows on a larger screen using Chromecast. You can download the apk file here. 


We’ve all faced one major struggle while watching our favorite movie – controlling the nature’s call to avoid missing out on life-altering scenes. RunPee covers you and your bladder so that you can relax and watch the movies without wondering when to run and pee. The app’s database is constantly updated to tell you the best times to run and pee mid-movie. Not just this, it also provides a synopsis with each Peetime so you know exactly what you have missed. The built-in timer alerts you, by vibration, when a Peetime is coming so you don’t have to worry about bothering other people around you.


Who doesn’t love discount deals? Gone are the days of seasonal sales and discounts, Groupon ensures you get discounts and best deals around the year. Download the app and search for discount coupons and deals for your requisite product or service. You just need to mention the coupon or deal while buying the product or availing the service and voila! You save your hard earned money. You can track your coupons, see your past deals, take advantage of deals instantly and a lot more. The app is available on Android for free and the interface is also easy to navigate.


How often do you ruin your gym efforts by not sticking to the diet plan? Let those days be bygone and download Runtasty. It gives you healthy meal ideas without being too restrictive, features over 50 recipes including options for vegans, vegetarians, gluten-sensitive and other diet restrictions. Each recipe is accompanied with a step by step video to avoid a mini disaster in the kitchen all thanks to your amazing cooking capabilities. These recipes can be organized on how long they take to cook, calorie count and other filters.


This app is for the forgetful ones who fail to keep a track of the various things they have bookmarked on their Kindle, smartphone or tablet. A pocket is a smart bookmarking system that allows you to save articles, web pages or videos to catch up with offline. It syncs your saved content across all your devices so it’s always accessible.

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