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Want to get access to the AndroidJunglee daily as soon as possible. Then you should try out our app on Play Store.

With the AndroidJunglee app, you can stay connected with the latest happenings from around the world. You’ll be greeted with a small setup screen once downloaded. Thereby you can see all of the posts from AndroidJunglee. The app features “Notification Alert” as well. You can switch it on for notifications whenever there’s a new post. You can scroll through the categories of the website as well. Check out some screenshots to get a quick look of the app.

The app also features direct contact and sharing as well. The app is free of ads and thereby you need not worry about annoying ads. The app is built by FirstWireApp where they build apps for websites when you need it. You don’t need anything to do even if you don’t have any programming knowledge. Check out their website if you need one for your website as well. The service isn’t free and prices vary according to the service.

Check out the AndroidJunglee app on Play Store if you want to get the daily dose of Android.

Android Junglee
Android Junglee
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free
Android Junglee Team

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