7 reasons to root your android phone

reasons to root your phone

reasons to root your phone


1:Increase battery life

charging again and again can often intimate you. The rooted android phone can increase the device battery life. setcpu app varies the frequency of the phones processor. According to our convinience we can change the processor frequency. For example when it is charging set the frequency at highest level , similarly if the phone is idle set the frequency at the lowest level. Thus a rooted android can increase your battery life

2:Overclocking the processor

Overclocking means increasing the processor frequency.Higher the frequency better the phones performance. Tegrak app overclocks the device processor. consider the phone has 1gz processor tegrak app overclocks it to 1.2 gz .The main disadvantage of this app is it can harm your device. So think twice before overclocking your android phone

3:Move apps to external memory

It is one of the most useful feature of rooted phone. Move apps to external memory by using Link2sd app. This app creates partition in external memory where apps can be moved. If your android phone has less rom surely you want to has this app

4:Increse ram

The low end android phones lacks ram. To increase ram in the device just install swap it expander app. This app must be installed in phone memory, it creates swapper file in the external memory. The swapper file is accesed to play high end games in low end android phones

5:Delete system apps

Most android phones have built in ES file explorer, it has an option called root explorer. If the root explorer has granted super user permisions then we can delete system apps. Just click on the system app and the app is deleted.

6:Titanium backup

Titanium backup provides rich facility to your rooted android device. It can backup the entire system.

7:Install custom roms

custom roms adds extra features to your android device. Updating the latest android operating system before officially released by the device manufacturer . Custom roms can be installed according to device model

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